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When I was getting ready to go to work today morning, I heard some noise & was amazed to see three birdlings huddled together in a small nest. I couldn't investigate further as I was getting late for work.

On returning from work, first thing I did was to check the nest & it was of Red Vented Bulbul.

The parents were busy feeding the hungry birdlings & they took turns in feeding them.

The nest was well camouflaged among the grapevine leaves & before the Bulbul parents returned to the nest they would check the surrounding for a while. Initially they hesitated to come to nest when we were around , but eventually they got used to us & we were free to take close pictures of them.

In the night on of the parents slept on top of the birdlings.

Three Bulbul birdlings

Bulbul parent returning from nest after feeding.

The nest is in the bush of leaves just beyond the bird.

Red Vented Bulbul

Adult bird sleeping on top of birdlings in the night.

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