Firefox 3 is here

Firefox 3 Download Day certificate

to Firefox from Microsoft IE with love

Al Billings of Mozilla Corporation

The cake the Microsoft IE team sent on the Firefox 2 launch

Ahh got my own Firefox 3 download certificate for helping to set the World Record. It's way past the expected 5million by the time I write this post & still counting fast...

Get your copy of Firefox from here & also don't forget to get your own Firefox 3 Download Day certificate too.

It seems Microsoft Internet Explorer team had delivered a cake personally to the Firefox team, as the tradition continues from the Firefox 2 release.

I think it's really amusing that they had kept the 'e' part of the Firefox 2 cake in their freezer to this day. Hope they will keep a piece of the cake this time too until they get their Firefox 4 cake. Hope that will not take long...