The culprit

After the Bulbul family left the nest, I removed the tar sheets covering the nest. I thought the predator bird would return (see Tragedy...) if it saw the nest & I didn't had to wait long to get results. It came right to the nest & was searching all over.
It was a magnificent bird with grey-blue coloured body & was very fast. I only managed to capture it's photo after it flew away to a distant tree.

This was a Shikra ('kurulugoya' in sinhala). A magnificently beautiful bird.

The scientific name is Accipiter badius.

It's a bird of prey. It's a small bird with short broad wings & long tail. It's found in South Asia & sub-Saharan Africa. It's prey include lizards, dragonflies, small birds & mammals.

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  1. Hello,Pran.Thank you for your concern-i really appreciate it<3<3!^^I've read your blog,waii,you're so freaking kind![Excuse the swearing please-.-']Most Singaporeans wouldn't bother to help a baby bird in distress,let alone get up from their TV programme.I can help you write a poem if you want[My pleasure!]However,you'll have to specify what kind of poem you'll want and like,as the poem may not be up to your standard.Thank you for your compliment,i thank you from the bottom of my heart<3^^!But being skilled in Science is better than writing skills,as you can save lots of lives.Sorry if this was too long...^^'

  2. Hi again Pran, now I found a place for the bird - and mother-return, will read all about it - I see you've got another poet here - ( :


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