Flying lessons

Bulbul parent showing how to fly

Today was a special day & especially to the bulbul birdling. I could witness the first flight of the birdling.
The bulbul parents were bringing food near & would take it away compelling the birdling to come out of the nest & it jumped out of the nest readily. I always stayed around, as I did not wanted it to end in our cats stomach. It seems they didn't mind me sitting around. Even I examined the birdling for injuries few times when it fell from above during the process.
It was a nice thing to see. The parents brought food near it & flew away as birdling approached. Parents flapped wings to show the young one how to fly. Soon the small one started flapping wings & off it went few yards. I was amazed to see it & was very happy too. After few more flights, three of them flew away to distant.
Then only I felt sad, as I missed them...
It seems this brings an end to the 'Tale of the Bulbul family'
To read from the bigining please read,
  • Parents bringing food near the birdling to force it out of th nest.

    Birdling on the ground, after it jumped out of the nest

    Rewards for getting out of the nest

    Here we go...

    Quick... can anybody tell me how to land???

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  1. Wow, just followed the story of the Bulbul family. I love birds, but this is one of the things I miss since I live in the city and rarely get to see any birds other than crows.
    Commented your White Waters here we come again post.


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