The fallen Bulbul birdling. The only survivor...

I was watching a cricket match when I heard the screams of the Bulbuls. I thought it was a cat who had attacked their nest & I went quickly to see whats happening. I saw a large bird fly away & it dropped something & it was one from the nest. I was there in time to save only one bulbul birdling.I returned it to the nest.

Other two birdlings were not to be seen. May be the predator bird had had them. I could not see the predator bird as it flew away. But it is sure to return. So I placed two tar-sheets over the nest & Bulbul parent could get into the nest from the side.

The Bulbul parents were watching from a distance. They did not return to the nest even at that nite. But next day morning it flew away as I came near the nest. During past few weeks the bulbul parents were so acoustemed to us, we could go near them without alarming them. But now because of this incidence they even seem to suspect us.

Birdling alone in nest (seen from below)

The only survived birdling in the nest, alone at night
Tar coat on top of the nest. Bulbul parent also seen coming out of the nest

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  1. I am reading these and posting as I go - "nature red in tooth and claw" as they say. I am sorry - sad that the parents now connect you to their loss. It's good for us I guess to be reminded of how little if anything we control on the earth [remember my poem "Interpreter Needed" on my blog?]. Wish I had time to read more of you - I'll be back!


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