Glorious flower in the Garden

This is a bunch of Glori Lilies, also known as Flame Lily, Climbing lily & Gloriosa Lily, I found in our garden. This plant is a creeper & the tips of the leaves wrap around substrates. The scientific name is Gloriosa superba.
Even though the flowers are very beautiful, all parts of this flowering plant are toxic. The tubers are the most toxic part. The toxicity is mainly due to alkaloid Colchicine. The lethal dose varies from 6mg to 20mg.
The features of poisoning may develop 6hrs to 12hrs after ingestion. They include,
  • Abdominal pain,
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Bleeding manifestations (after 24hrs)
  • Confusion, Convulsions & Coma

Management of the poisoning,

  • Gastric Lavage,
  • Multiple doses of Activated Charcoal,
  • Correction of other complications such correcting dehydration & shock, correcting electrolyte imbalances
  • Assisted ventilation if necessary
  • Forced Diuresis within first 24hrs

(Reference: Ravindra Fernando (2002) Management of Poisoning, 2nd revised Ed. The National Poison Information Centre, NHSL, Colombo, pp 114-116.)

Some information on this plant can be found at,

A detailed description of the poison Colchicine can be found at IPCS INCHEM

Puah had published a nice poem on this flower. Please read it too >> L'chaim"!: Temptation

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  1. Hi Pran, love your photo. Have just written a poem to/from it.

  2. Hi Pran! Just saw your comment on my blog. I'll probably post the flower poem soon - I like your layout as it is - what do you expect to do with it? The post on time is quite inspiring - I think I'm going to move it into my files to study it somemore. ( :

  3. p.s. Did you change the picture? I think I saw a different one before?

  4. No I heven't changed the pic. Well Im experimenting at ranatunga1.blogspot.com
    You can see the new layout Im trying. I want to have 2 sidebars on either side.

  5. Hi Pran thanx to your words about my blog. I also add some new features like guestbook and webcam.I like your blog. Lot of really nice pictures and some interesting informations around.
    And what´s more interesting for me..You are from Sri Lanka it could be a niece place to live..

  6. Pran, don't have time to visit your new blog until later today but will - just left you a comment on mine to yours re the last poem. Plan to put up my poem to your fabulous flower picture soon.


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