The culprit

After the Bulbul family left the nest, I removed the tar sheets covering the nest. I thought the predator bird would return (see Tragedy...) if it saw the nest & I didn't had to wait long to get results. It came right to the nest & was searching all over.
It was a magnificent bird with grey-blue coloured body & was very fast. I only managed to capture it's photo after it flew away to a distant tree.

This was a Shikra ('kurulugoya' in sinhala). A magnificently beautiful bird.

The scientific name is Accipiter badius.

It's a bird of prey. It's a small bird with short broad wings & long tail. It's found in South Asia & sub-Saharan Africa. It's prey include lizards, dragonflies, small birds & mammals.

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Flying lessons

Bulbul parent showing how to fly

Today was a special day & especially to the bulbul birdling. I could witness the first flight of the birdling.
The bulbul parents were bringing food near & would take it away compelling the birdling to come out of the nest & it jumped out of the nest readily. I always stayed around, as I did not wanted it to end in our cats stomach. It seems they didn't mind me sitting around. Even I examined the birdling for injuries few times when it fell from above during the process.
It was a nice thing to see. The parents brought food near it & flew away as birdling approached. Parents flapped wings to show the young one how to fly. Soon the small one started flapping wings & off it went few yards. I was amazed to see it & was very happy too. After few more flights, three of them flew away to distant.
Then only I felt sad, as I missed them...
It seems this brings an end to the 'Tale of the Bulbul family'
To read from the bigining please read,
  • Parents bringing food near the birdling to force it out of th nest.

    Birdling on the ground, after it jumped out of the nest

    Rewards for getting out of the nest

    Here we go...

    Quick... can anybody tell me how to land???

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The fallen Bulbul birdling. The only survivor...

I was watching a cricket match when I heard the screams of the Bulbuls. I thought it was a cat who had attacked their nest & I went quickly to see whats happening. I saw a large bird fly away & it dropped something & it was one from the nest. I was there in time to save only one bulbul birdling.I returned it to the nest.

Other two birdlings were not to be seen. May be the predator bird had had them. I could not see the predator bird as it flew away. But it is sure to return. So I placed two tar-sheets over the nest & Bulbul parent could get into the nest from the side.

The Bulbul parents were watching from a distance. They did not return to the nest even at that nite. But next day morning it flew away as I came near the nest. During past few weeks the bulbul parents were so acoustemed to us, we could go near them without alarming them. But now because of this incidence they even seem to suspect us.

Birdling alone in nest (seen from below)

The only survived birdling in the nest, alone at night
Tar coat on top of the nest. Bulbul parent also seen coming out of the nest


Red vented Bulbul

The scientific name is Pycnonotus cafer.

It gets its name from the reddish area found at the vent. This can be seen very clearly in the lower photograph. Generally it is dark in colour with white breast & rump. It has a crest & called in Sri Lanka as 'Kondaya' meaning 'haired' because of it.

They consume fruits (eg: plantain & papaya), insects, flower nectar, seeds & buds.

They build a cup shaped nest where they lay 2 to 3 eggs.

This is native to parts of Asia ranging from Pakistan, India & Sri Lanka to southwest China & also some pacific islands where it was introduced later. It had been nominated to be among '100 of worlds worst invaders'.

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New life...


New life...

When I was getting ready to go to work today morning, I heard some noise & was amazed to see three birdlings huddled together in a small nest. I couldn't investigate further as I was getting late for work.

On returning from work, first thing I did was to check the nest & it was of Red Vented Bulbul.

The parents were busy feeding the hungry birdlings & they took turns in feeding them.

The nest was well camouflaged among the grapevine leaves & before the Bulbul parents returned to the nest they would check the surrounding for a while. Initially they hesitated to come to nest when we were around , but eventually they got used to us & we were free to take close pictures of them.

In the night on of the parents slept on top of the birdlings.

Three Bulbul birdlings

Bulbul parent returning from nest after feeding.

The nest is in the bush of leaves just beyond the bird.

Red Vented Bulbul

Adult bird sleeping on top of birdlings in the night.