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Topix linking to article published by Daily Mirror

It seems the Sirasa/ MTV had got an award for "Best World Report"!!! Is it really?
This was posted as a News Article in online edition of Daily Mirror as a breaking news on 3rd July 2008. Just two sentences for such an achievement!!!
Well few searches turned out negative results & it made me curious. The facts is there is no evidence of such award or an award ceremony, any where in the web or at least in the CNN website. The news report itself looks bit suspicious. It doesn't give any proof of such or links to the original news item. Further more it seems the award ceremony is for 2008. How can they have an award ceremony for 2008, in the middle of the year of 2008? How can a responsible media company like Wijaya, publish such baseless reports? Hope they will remedy it promptly & not by taking the relevant page off line, but by publishing an explanation or an apology on the same page...


Firefox 3 is here

Firefox 3 Download Day certificate

to Firefox from Microsoft IE with love

Al Billings of Mozilla Corporation

The cake the Microsoft IE team sent on the Firefox 2 launch

Ahh got my own Firefox 3 download certificate for helping to set the World Record. It's way past the expected 5million by the time I write this post & still counting fast...

Get your copy of Firefox from here & also don't forget to get your own Firefox 3 Download Day certificate too.

It seems Microsoft Internet Explorer team had delivered a cake personally to the Firefox team, as the tradition continues from the Firefox 2 release.

I think it's really amusing that they had kept the 'e' part of the Firefox 2 cake in their freezer to this day. Hope they will keep a piece of the cake this time too until they get their Firefox 4 cake. Hope that will not take long...


Arthur C. Clarke, no more...

Arthur C. Clarke, the sci-fi author had passed away today at Colombo after a brief illness.