Are you over weight? Check it for yourself...

Are you over weight?
Are you putting up more fat?
Is your new year's resolution is to loose some weight?
Wondering how much weight you should loose?

For this purpose, Body Mass Index (BMI) is used. It checks whether an individual has appropriate weight for height.
The formula is; BMI = Weight in kg/ Height in meteres2

I have done the hard part & wrote the below JavaScript calculator to do it. Before proceeding any further, shall we do some calculations? Use the below BMI calculator to calculate your BMI.

BMI value is independent of age & sex. So all age groups & both males & females can use it to assess their health risks & it indicates body fatness. Health risks increase at both ends of the spectrum, especially at higher end. The WHO classification is used in this calculator. There is an ongoing debate, whether to have different cut-off points for different ethnic groups, specially Asians, but still the results are inconclusive.
BMI itself is not a diagnostic tool. If your BMI is higher than 24.99, you have a higher tendency to have health risks associated with obesity. So in that case a doctor needs to check up whether you really have any health risks & to check whether you should lose weight.

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Above BMI calculator was written by me. I'm not a pro in Javascript. If you find any bugs, please fell free to bring it to my notice. This have been tweaked to run on Firefox 2. It had been tested on IE 6. both on MS Windows. If you find any problems in using it on any other browser or platform, please put a comment with the problem you have noticed, and a method to contact you, to get further details if I need to. Thank you.