Blogger busted - part II

The things are getting out of control.

If you haven't seen the earlier post Blogger busted, please read it first.
Today I got an email from the owner of the blog that I talked about in the previous post. It seems he had got stuck in my blogger dashboard. Please see the comments in that post or click here.
Today I could login to my blogger dashboard with out any problem. Well thats a relief...
But not for long... I clicked on my profile to edit some details. Alas, my profile name was different.
It is happeing again. It's somebody else's profile. See first image below. To see the blogs he had published, I just clicked on 'select blogs to display' link. Well the next screen was even worse (second image). It belonged to another person. So now I have access to parts of three other blogger accounts. All this seems to be from Sri Lanka or at least Sri Lanka & India.
Still by clicking link to dashboard from that profile, i could access my profile.
Why is this happening to me? Hope others will not change any settings , if they have access to my blogger dashboard.
Is any of you blogger users out there having the same problem?
I had no problem with this blogger account for years & it seems all these blogger accounts that I have access to are newer ones.
I don't know to whom I should report this to. We have already reported this to blogger support.

Why me? Why is this thing happening to me?
I am posting this in a hurry, because I may not be able to log into Blogger next time.
Hope this will be resolved soon by Google engineers!

Blogger busted...

Today I had the shock of my life when I tried to log into Blogger to put up a new post. When I typed in my user name & password to blogger login page, the blogger dashboard looked bit weird. To my shock there was only one blog (rather than the 3, of which 2 are for testing purposes), & it's name also appeared to be so long Adventures of Scotty White. Then only I saw that the user's email address is different from my one. It was some c*****.s**********@gmail.com (see images below). In this account, I could do some things like put up a new post, change blogger layout, etc, etc. But it asked for user name & password again, when I tried to change important settings like changeling profile info, etc.
Well first I was bit excited to get to somebody else's account by chance, but when I got to know that repeated attempts at logging in to my account took me to this same account, which belonged to somebody else, I was bit shocked.
Well may be it's my destiny to start writing this Scotty's adventure...
Finally I managed to log into my blogger account, but when I typed in the URL to see the Scotty's blog (the other blog I was logged into by mistake), it still appeared as if the author of that other blog has logged in (see 3rd image below), rather than showing my email address.
I wonder how much our accounts at Google are secure. For it being a free service we can not expect more. And also I wonder whether any body else went through this same experience.