Ministry of Education Hacked into...

Well not exactly...
I was browsing among the Government Web sites, when I came across our Ministry of Education web site (see the image on right). I was shocked to see that it had been Hacked by some hackers. I quickly checked the Google cache for the snapshot they had created (see the image on left side). It was dated 15 Aug 2007, 14:18:06 GMT. So this site had been hacked during last 3 days. The hackers intentions are not very clear from what they had done. May be they just wanted to deface a government web site for fun.
It seems only the home page of the site had been hacked.
On further research I came across Zone-H which has an archive of Web sites that have been hacked. I was amazed to see the number of Sri Lankan Government web sites that had been subjected to defacement by various Hacking groups.
As I could not link to the particular table, I have copied the text, as you can see below:

2007/07/30 RitualistaS mcg.mpi.gov.lk Win 2003 View Mirror
2007/01/27 Dr.Jr7 dmc.gov.lk/external.asp Win 2003 View Mirror
2007/01/06 yas mail.samurdhi.gov.lk Linux View Mirror
2006/12/04 DeltahackingSecurityTEAM primeminister.gov.lk/record/delta.htm Linux View Mirror
2005/12/12 Devil Code mpdinor.gov.lk Win 2000 View Mirror
2005/10/16 Tz4r muslimaffairs.gov.lk/forum Linux View Mirror
2005/03/14 batistuta muslimaffairs.gov.lk/forum Linux View Mirror
2005/02/06 H4ck3rsBR slelections.gov.lk SolarisSunOS View Mirror
2005/02/06 H4ck3rsBR sec.gov.lk SolarisSunOS View Mirror
2005/02/06 H4ck3rsBR ports-aviation.gov.lk SolarisSunOS View Mirror
2005/02/06 H4ck3rsBR npd.gov.lk SolarisSunOS View Mirror
2005/02/06 H4ck3rsBR trc.gov.lk SolarisSunOS View Mirror
2004/01/24 Red Eye ibsl.gov.lk Win 2000 View Mirror
2003/06/19 [ LunixO ] moe.gov.lk Linux View Mirror
2003/06/07 Digital lords moe.gov.lk Linux View Mirror
2002/09/27 PaGgY hinduministry.lk Win 2000 View Mirror
2001/04/08 SadoR erd.gov.lk Windows View Mirror
2001/04/04 Silver Lords customs.gov.lk Windows View Mirror
2001/04/01 Silver Lords erd.gov.lk Windows View Mirror
2001/04/01 PoizonB0x customs.gov.lk Windows View Mirror
2001/03/31 PoizonB0x erd.gov.lk Windows View Mirror
2001/03/18 LOUCOS.BR erd.gov.lk Windows View Mirror
2001/02/26 Alien00 erd.gov.lk Windows View Mirror
2000/12/24 Silver Lords erd.gov.lk Windows View Mirror
2000/12/23 Silver Lords customs.gov.lk Windows View Mirror
2000/06/04 EhW erd.gov.lk Windows View Mirror

Still most of the above sites are not back online or have not been repaired completely. Any way most of our government websites are ill designed & not maintained well. Almost all of them use tables rather than CSS for layouts & are very poor in design, compromising their usability.