Mount Lavinia Hotel

Mount Lavinia Hotel Coat of Arms
Almost one year ahead of our wedding day, we started to search for a venue for the occasion. It was a difficult task, as the venue should match all our requirements, including suitability to host a traditional wedding.
When I started to climb the stair case at Mount Lavinia Hotel, I knew this would be the ideal location for the big occasion, with its colonial architecture & picturesque surroundings.
Fountain at the entrance to the Hotel
Mount Lavinia Hotel celebrates its 200th anniversary this year. There is an enchanting love story bound with this place. This mansion was built in 1806 by Sir Thomas Maitland, British governor of Ceylon (now called Sri Lanka). He had fallen in love with a local dancing girl, Lovina Aponsuwa, which had made him name the mansion Mount Lavinia, which later on was used to call the surrounding area itself.
Birds eye view of the Hotel
Due to the nature of his state, governor could not marry this village lass. He had a secret passageway leading to her house well, which he would use to meet her frequently.
Maginificient Staircase
He remained a bachelor, when he left the country to England & remained so through out rest of his life.
This mansion was used by several Governors who came to office subsequently (Sir Edward Barnes, Sir Robert Brownrig & Sir Edward Paget) & was converted to a hotel in 1877 & stays so to this date.

Colombo city seen at night from the Hotel

Mt Lavinia Hotel also has a unique asset, Master Chef Pabilis, who is an expert on local, rare-to-find delicacies. Also they offer exquisite western & oriental cuisines.
Visit Mount Lavinia Hotel web site, read about its history here & click here for reservations

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  1. Wow, I've often been there and thought it was a beautiful hotel, but didn't know about the story behind it.

  2. Hi Pran! Have been very busy, writing a lot but haven't posted to blog - what a collage of birds, wonderful - and now a wedding? Have you wedded, or is it still coming up? Fabulous and fortuitous congratulations either way! Will see about a bird poem soon - wanted to comment there but [of course] couldn't figure out how!!

  3. I shall,rest assured.The bubul thing may just do...thank you,Pran (and Phua?)for making me your online friend-thanks.^^I'm sorry if i seemed too arrogant ny asking you if you wanted me to write/type you a poem.Gomenasai.Congrats on your wedding,may you live in happiness and prosperity forever!^^

  4. hey hey hold it.
    Iv married for 1 year & we just celebrated our 1st anniversary last week. also we were given a complimentary dinner bufet by the same hotel.
    I intend to publish some posts in near future regarding our unique cultural items realted to wedings

  5. Hey check out the bottom of my whole blog page too. You will see something...

  6. Best wishes for your wedding! Totally agree that Mount Lavinia Hotel is a good place to have a wedding. I had mine over there too.

  7. Nice article with a sweet story behind...


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