White Waters, here we come again...

Some last minute tips by Channa

Kasun briefing us about the rocky ride ahead...

White waters... here we come again...

Refreshingly cold white water of the Kelani River

Conquring the White Waters...

facing the challenges with a smile...

theres nothing to hold on to...

almost through...

OK it's done, where's the next?

Hey theres the camera.. say cheese..

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Well, when Rasika & Susantha said they want to have a very exciting time when they came home for this holiday , I couldn’t think of any thing else other than White Water Rafting. So here we go again… back to Kithulgala for White Water Rafting in the Kelani river. Also my cousine sister & her husband joined us.

Kitulgala is situated about 80km from Colombo on the A7 road to Nuwara Eliya via Avissawell .
We stayed at the Kithulgala Rest House as we did the last time. But we arranged the White Water Rafting with Rafters Retreat in advance.
Rafters Retreat is situated just next to Kithulgala Rest House. It is a magnificent old mansion.
Channa reviewed us on the finer details of the rocky ride. Then with Kasun we went to Yatiberiya, where the raft was launched, and again another 2hrs of adventure we got. There are 7 rapids ranging from grade 2 to 3 to be conquered & ideally suited for beginners as well.
My wife did not join in the ride. But she was more than happy to capture the moments, which we felt really a necessity during the first time we did White Water Rafting.
Channa was more than happy to help us in this deed. After dropping the raft & us at the place where we launched the raft, my wife was able to take pictures of our joyous ride from two places where the rapids could be seen from the banks.

Also see White Waters at Kitulgala

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  1. Hi, Just saw your comments on my blog. 1st time we didn't get any photos either, but this time part of our group didn't want to go on the raft, so they took the photos.

    We sayted at the Rafter's Retreat too, and had a wonderful time.


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