Tsunami, never come again!!!

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Tsunami Photo/News Archive link to over 20,000 pho.

^ These girls were caught in the giant Tsunami waves when they had come to Galle bus stand to go for their Tution classes. Some survived the ordeal to tell the tale...

It has been one year since the Tsunami hit shores of ours & few other neighbouring countries. It was so massive & sudden catastrophe, all who were not affected, rushed to the help of those poor victims. The boundaries of race, religion, cast & others were so easily forgotten, that all of the Sri Lankans united in one voice to rebuild the nation.
So many lives were lost.
So much property destroyed.
One year has passed, still so much to be done.
The unity of the different races is fading...
The glow of war looming around in the air...
So many affected people still live in temporary shelters.
Still so much to be done....
...can we spend time wasting fighting, when we have so much to do???

May those who died in the tragedy attain nibbana or absolute goals according to their respective religions!!!


  1. Saw your post at Seawitch's. Praying for you and all who have suffered from the Tsunami.

  2. Take heart. Many prayers are with you and your countrymen. Nay the new year be filled with peace

  3. How the hec did you find me?
    (Re Hurricane Katrina)

    Yes, this year particularly, the world was hit in multiple places with all that nature could possibly throw at us.

    Life is precious, and fleeting.

    And yet if we ALL, reach out and help somebody else, in some way, this world would be cleaned up in no time.

    I was really more at peace working in Mississippi, than I even am in real life.

    Thanks for your note.



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