Ghost siting???

I got the above photo from a friend.
Those who are in the photo had taken it after they had had a BBQ & were about to leave. The person who printed the photos had seen somthing in the upeer left corner of the photo & enlarged it.
My friend thinks it's a ghost. One below is the enlarged photo of the ghost, if it is so.
What do you think. Could it be a ghost?
I managed to scan the photo. The streight lines on the photo are due to a fsult in the scanner.

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< The enlarged portion of the upper left corner of the above photo


  1. Ive seen the above "ghost" several times,some said originaly it came from Arab in a cave...its a demon,not too sure abt dat. But im sure this pic is edited.

  2. Scary and inspiring at the same time. I love the idea of ghosts drawn to us through our computers - or cameras. This one is certainly lively. Are you sure the scanner and not the ghost caused the lines?

  3. That is incredible, yes I do think it could be a spirit of some kind. I have had personal experiences so I do believe.

    Thank you for delurking and saying hi when it mattered most. I will certainly be back!

  4. Thank you Suszee, Puah & Jilly for the visit and the comments. And further on Puah's comments, may be we are able to capture the site of ghosts more often, because of the newer digital cameras which capture the infrared too.


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