Kandyan Dancer Orchid

These are Kandyan Dancer Orchids from our garden. This belongs to the genus Onicidium, which has more than 300 orchid species.
I could not find the exact species name of this orchid though.
These have been named after it's resemblance to Kandyan Dancers, a traditional form of upcountry dancing in Sri Lanka, where the dancers wear highly ornamented costumes.

< Kandyan Dancers in the Procession on my Wedding day

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  1. isn't that their their name
    'oncidium kandyan dancer' ?

    they look nice

  2. Hi, I think they're called Oncidium altissimum.
    Looks a lot like your ones, don't they?
    Nice pics :)

  3. Pretty pics. I've always loved orchids :)

  4. Nice pics! Love the kandyan dancers.. i think i need to do a perehera session! :D linked you by the way on my blog!

  5. Ah remember you gave me soem plants of this.. They never have Kandian dancer or Indian dancer flowers.. I think u have given me some male plants. :-(

    BTW Bird nest plant now has 3 leaves... Its really cool

  6. Thanks Guys & Gals for the comments.

    Asitha>> Well Oncidium altissimum is the first species defined under Onicidium genus. It is also called Wydler's Dancing-lady. But of all the photos I could find through Googling, they were having bit larger flowers & the 3 top most petals are much slender in Kandyan Dancer. They have a resemblance but I think they belong to two different species.

    Mr.Evil>> Thanks for the link. Wondering whether you would permit me to put a link to your blog ("Permission must be obtained for Hypertext links to this blog"). Wondering from where I should get permission to put a link to your blog? :)
    Anyway I’am a "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil" guy, wanting to link to Mr.Evil ;)

    Thushara>> Well flowering plants do not bloom around you. That’s the main problem.
    There is no shortcut to make plants grow. Give plenty of TLC (Don't ask me whether it's a drug...)
    See WordNet Search - 2.1 for more details.

  7. ha ha ha ! You got the permission amigo! It's all good! That © is only for little twirps in the media who steal other peoples ideas :D lol :)

    Neways.. you know i too am a see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil kinda person! BUT they forgot my fav part.. "Do no evil!" so i just go out and do it :P lol :) ava good weekend!!

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  9. those Orchids REALLY look like Kandyan dancers OMG so beautiful.



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