Birth time...

These are cut ends of two banana stems. As you can see, the middle part has grown a little bit. When I saw this, I remembered an ingenious method used by ancient Sri Lankans to calculate a new borns birth time (as most of the people did not have watches or clocks).

When a baby is about to be born, an elderly will go near a nearby banana tree. When he hears the first cry of the baby, he will cut the banana tree with a knife in one stroke. Then they will summon the village astrologer.
The astrologer will visit the place. He will measure the growth of the inner part of the cut end. Using this he will calculate the interval since baby was born & his arrival, thus calculating birth time of the baby.
Another difference can be seen in this ancient practice. Rather than taking the time when the child is delivered, they had considered the time at which the baby had taken the first breath as the birth time. But most of the time there is only a few seconds difference between these two.


  1. Machangggg that is cool! Love getting to know these things! When my grand mother was alive i used to hear all sorts of stories! Very interesting stuff!

  2. That is so cool! I love learning things like that.
    When my best friend and I were both pregnant with our second sons, she dreamed we had our babies on banana leaves. Weird, huh?

    ps thanks for checking out my blog!!


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