Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator or Expected delivery Date Calculator can be used calculate the approximate delivery date in a pregnant lady. This uses a standard calculation method, where it is considered that the period from last menstrual period to date of the deliery of the baby is a constant. This period can slightly vary in a small percentage of the women population. This only gives a approximate date & this date can vary due to various reasons.
For this calculator to be used, the woman should have regular menstrual periods.
The date that is entered is first date of the last menstrual period.

For the design of the above Calendar, Tom Duffy's Create an Object-Oriented JavaScript Calendar Using the Façade Design Pattern was used. Thanks Tom!

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  1. when I had my kids, my midwife gave me this cool little disc that did the same thing... but that was ages ago...

    as to the sidebar, do you mean it goes down to the bottom of the page? or out to the side? I know that those two charts are wider than the rest, but it looks okay on my screen.

    nice blog here too. :))) I'll have a closer look... thanks for stopping by!


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