Be a Hero...

Being a hero is not something that can be achieved very easily.
But ofcourse I took a bold step today...
Yeah, became a volunteer blood donator. I always wanted to donate blood, but couldn't take that inaugural step.
Yesterday was the (14th of June) World Blood donor Day. So there is a special campaign going on in whole of Sri Lankan government hospitals to mark the event.
The Blood Donor system is a well functioning system in Sri Lanka where volunteer blood donors donate blood at regular intervals of four months. Every donor is registered & details of their illnesses, especially AIDS & Hepatitis B are tasted for in the donated blood & healthy donors are encouraged to donor regularly.
The aim of the National Blood Transfusion Service of Sri Lanka is to have all needed blood collected from volunteer donors.
At present patients undergoing routine surgeries are encouraged to get someone to volunteer to donate blood. This can be eliminated in the future. In Teaching Hospital - Kurunegala, where the National Thalassaemia Center is situated, so many units of blood are needed daily to be transfused to Thalassaemic children. All thee are collected from volunteer donors.
I am very happy to be able to be a donor & 'Blood saves lives...'

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  1. Hi, it's great that you donated blood. I always wanted to donate blood ever since I was given a blood transfution as a kid... I once went to a blood donation campaign but was told that my weight was not enough to give blood.

  2. Ofcourse there are few pre-requisits for U to be able to donate blood.
    1) age above 20 & below 55 yrs
    2) Weight more than 50 kg
    3) Haemoglobin concentration which is more than a pre determined value(which I think to be more than 13mg/dl)
    4) No recent infections
    5) No risk of being a carrier for HIV / Hepatitis B/ etc..
    & few more.
    I wonder why were U given a blood transfusion, must be a pretty good reason to have it,when U were a kid???

  3. Well I got a severe case of dengue in those early days when few people had really heard about it and was in hospital for about 2 weeks. According to my doc they were not sure whether I'd make it.
    I had to be given blood platelets. Don't really remember much about it, only know what I was told later.

    According to your pre-requisits, looks like I won't be able to give blood unless I put on weight!

  4. Hi, came across your blog after posting about donating blood on my own blog! I Ireland, you can donate between the ages of 18 and 60 (or 65 if you have donated in the last 5 years)
    It's 50 kg (7st 12 oz) here too, might have a problem next time I donate....
    Also if you have lived in the U.K. for more than a year between 1980 and 1996, you can't donate, makes you wonder what happened between those years....
    There is a mobile clinic coming relatively near me in 2 months time and I hope to donate that day. I have also registered so hope to become a regular donater again.
    Well done you for donating. Thankfully I have never needed it, and hopefully I or any member of my family never will but I think it is such a basic thing we can do to help.
    God bless! from Ireland x


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