Earthquake near Sri Lanka!!!

Earth tremors have been felt in some areas of Sri Lanka, including Colombo & Kandy. The images here are from USGS Earthquake Hazards Program.

According to USGS,
Magnitude: 5.2
Time: at 04:27:28 (UTC)
at 10:27:28 am local time at epicenter
at 09:57:28 am Colombo, Sri Lanka
Location: 6.548°N, 84.455°E (In bay of Bengal)
Distance: 510 km (315 miles) E of Colombo, Sri Lanka
More details visit here Magnitude 5.2 - BAY OF BENGAL

I couldn't find any details regarding any Tsunami Warnings at the time of posting.
The relevant links are:


  1. Yeah I think I felt it.. But I was not too sure about it.. it was very mild.

    Some time back when I was in Islamabad, I have faced one of the major.. I had no experience and didn’t know what to do..Me and one of my colleagues were staying in a hotel. It was a hard day after work at my customers office ..so we both went to sleep early. all of sudden I felt my bed was shaking and I got up.. then I saw the mirror in front of me is swinging.. Never realized that it was a earthquake.. what came to my mind was a ghost movie :-) To make matters worst my colleague was in faster sleep and she didn’t know anything about it till next day morning.. But after few seconds I realized that its really happening…

    I have never experienced that before so I didn’t know whether to run out of the hotel or to stay.. but after few minutes it stopped… When I had a chat with some of my PK friends the next day.. I couldn’t stop laughing.. can you believe those guys get dressed up in a situation like that before running out of the premises? One guy has even put his socks and shoes.. :-) I think they are so used to it :-)

  2. I don't think it was an earthquake. More likely it was caused by those low-flying jets.

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