Migration complete!

Well it was sometime back that I upgraded to new blogger. But I was stuck with my classic 3-column-template (provide free by Thur's tempates), because I thought it's a waste of browser space to have only one sidebar rather than having two of them.
After migrating to new blogger, I started working on the new template. A List Apart & TJKDesign were of great help. But I couldn't do it alone.
So I started looking for a new 3 column blog template, which supported the new blogger. Well it was too early & all blog hackers were busy creating hacks. I couldn't find a template that suited my needs (like fluid middle column, first loading the main section rather than sidebars, etc.).
Finally I found the template I was looking for, at Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta. I did the necessary changes so it looked the way I want.
Please use comments below if you find any bugs when loading in your browser෴


  1. Hi Prasad, Nice to see you in the blog-o-sphere after some time. I'm sure you would've been busy with the baby.

    Actually your blog loads much facter than before.

  2. Thanks Smiley,
    Well I was busy (couldn't say 'bit').
    I like the new template, coz it loads the posts before it loads the sidebars.

  3. it looks alright at Mozilla 2.0 :)

    about that Welcome script below you profile info... it should be say: "Hi, welcome to my blog. You are staying in... Am I correct?"

    Because I am in Spain for 5 months now but I'm from Poland :P


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